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Social Media @d7consulting

People have been telling me to write more blogs over the past few months.  I have to admit I have been absent and neglecting the blog for a while.  For those that care, I apologize.  For those of you that check in to see how bad it is, I will try and be better.  If you are seeing this for the first time, welcome.  I hope all of you will enjoy 2013 and what I offer.  My plan is simple. Post more, Post better and Post more variety.  Here goes!

First of all, I recently started to dive into more Social Media as a means to find more business. With all the avenues out there to choose from, I want to make the best of them.  My new Social Media director is Patrick Kolstad from Loyola University New Orleans where he is studying English Literature.  He is into Social Media development for businesses and someone I know really well.  Hopefully, he will help me with the overuse of semicolons!  We have talked over the past few weeks and decided to try something new.  With that in mind, I am sure he will put the pressure on me to keep up with the program.  That is exactly what I plan on doing. Welcome aboard Patrick.  I know you will make D 7 and I better.

As for some of what is out there, of course there is Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Google+, Socialcam, etc.  By the end of 2013 how many more will there be?  I cannot answer that question, but I can answer this.  What happens when you join too many groups on Linkedin?  If you read this and have the answer, please let me know what you think.  I for one have been on Linkedin for a few months.  It has exploded as of late and although I know it has been around for some time,  it seems that more and more people are using it now.  It is mind boggling how many comments, topics and new information comes across on this site.  Am I better for joining? Yes, absolutely.  The information exchange is fantastic.

How about Facebook? What is happening in this world?  Well, D 7 has a Facebook page which is way under utilized.  This is why Patrick and I started talking.  His opinion was harsh but right on target.  I want to be better so we will start with Facebook and more forward.  Suffice to say, there are so many options and opportunities with Facebook to reach out that it would be dumb, there I said it, on my part not to try and take advantage of it.  So look for more of a presence from D 7.  Updates, information and other fun things will be forthcoming.  Oh by the way, did you see that our esteemed Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg was the second largest donor to Charities in 2012?  500 million anyway you slice it is pretty solid.  Just a few million shy of Warren Buffet, but who’s counting anyways.  Good job.  Shout out to Warren as well, as makes all “rich” men or companies look silly by giving as much as he does.  Can anybody match his efforts?

Now let’s talk about #Twitter.  Come on people, did you even know what a “Hashtag” was before Twitter?  Be honest!  There is a whole web page dedicated to what it is, how to use it, etc.  This is all derived from the use of Twitter or Tweets (as the message itself is called).  Bottom line, it is recommended to use no more than two # per Tweet.  I will try and remember that as I delve into the Twitter world this year.  The greatest thing about Twitter and tweets is you can find almost anything or anybody based upon the use of the #.  The worst thing?  Pretty much anybody in the Social Media world can see what you are saying or doing on a regular basis, whether you know it or like it or not.  Do I have any advice?  Well No.  I have no clue about Twitter, but I am going forward with open eyes.  Just remember what you put out there can be seen and read by everybody.  Wish me luck.

As for the rest, we will make an honest effort to utilize them in a positive and effective manner.  My obvious goal is to  reach out to more companies in an effort to bring business to D 7.  But if some other good comes from it and we or you learn something new as we move forward, all the better.  With that in mind, please like us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter .  I am also on Linkedin if you want to check me out or get “connected”.  Tell me what you think, leave me a post or just Like our page.

For now, I am off to write another Technical blog about Waterproofing.  I will be utilzing some information I have discussed on Linkedin.

Upcoming for D 7 is several new projects in the Hotel arena, two new Hospitals in Los Angeles and just getting started on the review of the sealant replacement at Cal Plaza.



I hope 2013 is a great year for you all!  Thanks for reading!  Until next time.









Election and Construction; which one do you care about most?

As the upcoming election approaches, those of us in the construction industry face the dilemma of what or who we care about more! As history tells us, many a project or development has been stalled during an election year due to uncertainty with a Presidential election.

What I am saying is this; VOTE!!! Go to the polls and vote. Educate yourself on the issues that impact your life, where you live and what you want out of life. Choose what is most important to you and above all that, make sure you VOTE!!!

My son is 16 and is starting to be a person who is actually paying attention to this election. He realizes that he will be voting the next time and wants to know more. How lucky am I? I can debate, argue points and generally discuss, albeit in brief snippets, my point of view versus his opinion. Is he wrong, am I? Well let us say he has opened my eyes again to some interesting aspects of this election.

What I am sure of is this election is crucial to my family and I as it can have a significant impact on our business. So who should I vote for? Maybe you can guess. Send me a comment. Better yet go to the polls and VOTE!!!

iPads out on construction sites

By Ian Hamilton
Originally published in The Orange County Register

A Newport Beach-based construction consulting company is in its first week of implementing a new workflow that incorporates 20 always-connected-to-the-Internet Apple iPads.

D7 Consulting is trying to carve out a competitive edge by turning “lead time into real time.”

The company was picked by cloud-based service as recipient of the iPads after D7 submitted an application describing how it could benefit from the iPad and the Box collaboration software.

The way the 20 iPads are used is now essentially a joint experiment and promotion between the companies.

“We really think Box can make mobile devices like the iPad an indispensable tool for businesses. So, we’re looking forward to getting a lot of great feedback from D7 and translating that into making Box an even better solution,” said Sean Lindo, product marketing manager for Box.

Box is a collaboration service (one of several) where individuals, teams or businesses can store collective documents, photos, presentations and other types of files online. With an always on and always connected to the Internet device like the iPad, an individual is capable of uploading and downloading files quickly at any time – and from anywhere.

D7 co-founder Joseph Daniels said, in theory, one of his workers could be suspended in mid-air inspecting something on the side of a hotel in Las Vegas, taking photos with a digital camera and sending in reports right from the iPad.

In reality, they’re still testing things out. One of D7’s employees is taking a trek up to a project in Fremont, Ca., this week as he files his work from his tablet. Instead of mailing reports from the job to the office he’ll file from the iPad. It’ll be even quicker than using a laptop, too, Daniels said.

He hopes using iPads will give his company a competitive edge. He said tasks that might’ve taken a week or two could be done in the same day now.

“It’s about speed and time in business. That’s what people want. They want it now or yesterday. If they can get it that way, we’re going to be the ones in the front,” he said.

A common concern about cloud-based services like is security. Sensitive files uploading and downloading all the time from a variety of different devices in a bunch of different locations isn’t exactly an IT guy’s security dream. Daniels says he’s not too concerned about it.

“Our information isn’t valuable to anybody but us and the client,” he said. advertises data encryption, reporting tools on user and file activity and access controls too, among other security features.

Daniels said the important features of the iPad as a business solution are that it’s inexpensive, lightweight and fast. The iPads he is using are 3G + Wifi, which means the devices can access AT&T’s 3G cell network to access the Internet when not in range of free wireless Internet. He compared not using an iPad to using iPad with a wifi connection as being like going from 25 to 50 miles an hour. Going up to a 3G iPad, which enables connectivity everywhere, is like going from 50 to 100 miles per hour.

When asked if he could go back to not using an iPad, Daniels said he could,

“Do I want to go back? Never,” Daniels said.

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