testing and inspectionD 7 has grown as an Inspection firm offering the best in Quality Assurance personnel. Many of our trained employees have become RROs through the Roof Consultants Institute (RCI). With an in house training program that is required of all staff monthly, D 7 keeps our employees up to date on the latest systems, techniques and material types used in all roofing and waterproofing applications.

D 7 offers testing services such as:

  • Wind and Air testing of exterior facades and windows
  • Moisture tests for flooring systems, substrates for roofing or waterproofing applications;
  • Physical testing of materials can be done through certified laboratories, however you need
    someone to obtain the samples, handle them properly and deliver the results. D 7 can do that for the client.

Many projects have issues with improper substrate preparation, moisture inherent in the decks which affects the adhesion of the systems. Additionally, many existing substrates can have materials that will affect the performance of the new material. With our extensive experience in all material and applications, D 7 can advise our clients with regards to the preparation required, whether moisture will be a problem and whether or not expensive overlays are necessary.

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